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    It's About Us

    Colorful, Mindful, Whimsical

    It's about us and the connections we have. It's about the connection we have to ourselves, to each other and to the universe. It's about our connection to color, and how it can make you feel your best and most beautiful, or sometimes just a little funkier!. It's about us and our connection to the earth with it's vast variety of stones and their healing powers.

    Magical Connections

    The process of creating is magical! Just as the connections we make through our lives can be magical. Collaboration is my favorite way to create. I do not always know who the piece is meant for before I start to work on it, but it  is always exciting to see my pieces connect to just the right person, it's, well, magic!

    Joyce Fritz Ritz

    "Dances with Stones" Would be my Indian name, if that was my heritage. I'm a Jewelry Designer and Line Dancer. Understanding how those two loves play off of each other on my artful journey is what makes my work stand out. It is also the reason this line of work is called Souly Joyce.

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